SSI, DeviceNet, Profibus or Ethernet (Rockwell Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP/IP, Uticor IP, GE SRTP protocols)

Smart-Encoder Absolute models are available with high level networking capability such as SSI protocol DeviceNet Profibus or even Ethernet with multiole protocols such as Rockwell’s Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP/IP, Uticor IP and GE SRTP.

Incremental: 1 to 1024 counts per revolution

4096 Pulse Transitions with Quadrature 4x

Absolute: 1 to 4096 counts per revolution

Binary, BCD, Gray code Field Programmable Options Specifications

First Encoder with built-in Ethernet

FM and ATEX Certified Explosion Proof Smart Encoder - The Most Rugged Encoder on the Market!

Choice of Stainless Steel, Water Submersible or Explosion Proof

Size 40 Smart Encoders, both Incremental as well as Absolute, are available in stainless steel, water submersible housing as well as Fm approved explosion proof housing, where as the water submersible model has a visible display and programming buttons. The explosion proof unit needs to have its back and housing unscrewed to allow field programming.