Intuitive, Simple to Program without a PC or Software, Shows Position/RPM on 4 digit LED Display

Optical Incremental

Field Programmable Encoder

1 to 4096 counts per revolution

Autotech Meets Your Application's Needs

Today's and tomorrow's motion control applications all have one need in common: reliable and accurate positioning feedback. Autotech Controls, built on the technology of position feedback over the past 40 years, continues to ensure precise machine control through it's line of Incremental and Absolute Rotary Encoders.


Encoders are used in mechanical motion applications to determine the position, speed and direction. Many of industrial control systems today need to be able to get the position and speed feedback in rugged environments in order to operate. Such applications/industries include: metal stamping, can manufacturing, steel, tire, plating lines, drag lines, earth moving machinery, farm machinery, conveyors, oil drilling, packaging, dam/gate control, assembly, medical, dairy, food processing, semiconductor manufacturing, cranes, military, tank-turrets, textile, converting, printing, palletizing, ware-house control and numerous other industries.