Innovation by Design

AVG’s Autotech division was the first company to introduce & apply resolver/encoder technology to metal stamping presses that became a standard in the automotive industry.

First integrated digital resolver, DigiSolver, Standard of the Tyre industry

In 1985 Autotech introduced the DigiSolver. It is a resolver based encoder with potted electronics inside. It was chosen as a standard for rugged encoders on the largest Metal stamping program in the history of the world. General Motors decided to have 100 press transfer lines manufactured all around the world including the shipping docks of Japan. Each press transfer line had 92 DigiSolvers in it. Thus it became an Automotive standard.

Soon after, the DigiSolver became a standard for the Tyre industry which was trying to find a solution for premature failure of standard H25 encoders on it's curing presses, due to very high temperatures.